World's Biggest and Largest Flower

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Amorphophallus titanum or Titan Arum, is the world's largest flower with blooms having diameter of over a meter. It is known by several other names, as Corpse flower due to its rotten flesh smell and as bunga bangkai in Indoensia. This giant corpse flower blooms only occasionally for a short period of three to five days and that too only once every 40 years. This is the natural cycle of Amorphophallus Titanum and it means a man cannot see it more than twice in his lifetime.
This biggest flower in the world was born in Río Blanco, Veracruz, México. This Titan arum plant can reach to a height of 3 meters and weighs over 80 kg. It contains thousands of true flowers hidden inside its base. Large, frilly-edged, leafy "skirt" enclosing column is the spathe, which when open resembles an upturned, fluted bell. When fully opened it emits a repulsive, 'rotting-fish' scent to attract insects that will perform the important task of pollen exchange. This smell of rotting meat gives it an apt nickname Flor Cadavérica – "Flower of Death".

In the bottom line, weight of around 80 kg and height of 3 meters makes Titan Arum the world's biggest and largest flower. It's seen blooming after dormancy of 40 years and that too for three days, this creates a sensation and attracts viewers from around the world.

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