Stylish ways to wear Pashmina for glamorous look!

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Pashmina is the finest and elegant wool, loved by women since ages. It is cherished and elegant fabric that not only give a rich look, but also outline royal taste of wearer. Nowadays, Pashmina is a great style statement, that is why probably every fashion lover gets hold of it, sooner or later.

linsay-lohan-pashminaBut remember one thing, style of wearing any garb can change whole appearance in a second. Pashminas are considered to be the ultimate accessory that can liven up any outfit. It can be tied in a variety of ways and styles, making you impart just the perfect look for any occasion, be it casual or formal.

Try these styles and look different: middelton-pashmina1

Belt style
Sarong style or belt style, looks perfect on women with less accentuated hips. Just wrap shawl around your waist, drape it nicely and you’re ready to go.  

Hollywood style
A unique and stylish look, that requires two different pashminas of varying colors. As all Hollywood celebrities are seen wearing this style, just intertwine and drape the shawl around neck and get that glam look.  

Full Shawl Wrap
This is a simple style of wearing Pashmina and ideal for all occasions. Just wrap full shawl around shoulders and you're all set. It gives you warmth constantly along with a fashionable look.

indsay-lohan-pashmina Stole Style
This style is preferred for evening wear. Just drape Pashmina over your shoulders and across your front for an elegant evening look allowing ends to hang down from underarm.  

Noose Wrap
Classic style that will help you to stand out from rest of the crowd, but slightly complicated. Just fold pashmina in half along the length. Keep folded edge at the top facing you and fold it again to half by its width. Now, keep folded end of shawl behind your head and pull open end through folded end.

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It is one such versatile clothing that you can wear with any kind of outfit. Pashmina shawl is truly a chill-chasing wardrobe must have. Try these styles that enhance your appearance, making you look classy and tasteful, at the same time.

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