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A Blue-tooth connection is wireless and automatic. Its number of interesting features simplify our daily lives. Blue tooth headsets offer you a small and a single piece design which ensures you comfortable, reliable and easy access to your calls. Market is full of various Blue-tooth headsets. You can visit various online stores and can compare the features of various Blue-tooth headsets with just few clicks.  

Plantronics Explorer 232 Bluetooth Headset:

Plantronics Explorer 232 Bluetooth Headset
The Plantronics Explorer 232 is an ideal Bluetooth headset. Comfortable, reliable and easy to use. This headset is universally compatible with Bluetooth technology. It offers easy access to call controls and serves a great experience of hand-free Plantronics QuickPair unique technology to connect with your mobile phone.

BlueParrott B250-XT Bluetooth Headset:

BlueParrott B250-XT Bluetooth Headset 
BlueParrott B250-XT Bluetooth Headset, surely stays on your head because of it's design. This has a wireless range of 66 feet and a battery that is good for 16 hours worth of talk time. The headset is worn on one ear as it has a single ear piece and a boom Mic that puts microphone close to the lips of wearer. It has switches on side for mute, volume, and pairing purposes. It enables you for hand free driving in the car.  
Motorola H700 Blue tooth v1.2 Headset (Black):

Motorola H700 Bluetooth v1.2 Headset (Black)Motorola H700 Blue-tooth v1.2 Headset is a best companion for those people who are always on the go. This Blue-tooth headset can work up to 30-feet away from your mobile phone and also offers 6 hours of talk time. It comes with an ear hook that can be worn on either ear as per your comport. The H700 offers better call quality, faster connections with less interference.  

Aliph Jawbone II Blue tooth Headset with Noise Assassin (Pink):

Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset with Noise Assassin (Pink)
Pink Aliph Jawbone II Blue-tooth Headset with noise Assassin takes your blue-tooth cool look to an entirely new level. Made up with premium materials like medical-grade plastic and fine leather; this headset combines science and beauty in the most unassuming way. It is classy, timeless and yet still manages to look stylish wherever you wear it.

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