Sony DSLR Cameras: World's First DSLR with Translucent Mirror Technology

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Sony's latest DSLR cameras have redefined DSLR with two new alpha camera models a55 and a33. Equipped with Sony's revolutionary new Translucent Mirror Technology, these cameras capture decisive moment with unrivaled speed and precision. Translucent Mirror Technology lets the camera focus and shoot simultaneously. Unlike other DSLRs, mirror in these cameras never moves. This is the world's first DSLR to ever pull off such a feat, eliminating time needed to raise and lower mirror.

Another major benefit of Translucent Mirror Technology is that it allows tracking of fast moving objects. Earlier, almost all DSLR cameras used to hunt for focus, resulting in delayed response and blurry videos but in these cameras this thing is eliminated. Now, quick AF Full HD Movie mode boasts the same fast, precise Phase Detection for movies that you get with stills.

Sony α55 DSLR Camera
Sony SLT-A55V DSLR Camera
Sony's two new models SLT-A55V and SLT-A33 sport 16.2 and 14.2-megapixel sensors, respectively. Unlock the creative power of a truly revolutionary DSLR with α33( SLT-A33). It features 7 fps continuous shooting and remarkable precision of Phase Detection auto focus for HD movies. Step up to a revolution in DSLR performance with α55(SLT-A55V). α55 features 10 fps continuous shooting, GPS photo tagging, and unrivaled Quick AF performance for stills and HD movies.

Sony α33 DSLR Camera
Sony SLT-A33 DSLR Camera
Let's check out some other features of Sony's α33 and α55 DSLR cameras:

Unprecedented Image Capture:
Unlike other DSLRs that can either shoot or focus with the speed and precision of Phase Detection AF, these new DSLR cameras are world's first DSLR that can do this both simultaneously.

Professional Class Shooting Speeds:
As these DSLR cameras redefine how conventional DSLR cameras work, you experience best-in-class speed, up to 10 fps continuous shooting at full 16.2MP resolution and up to 7 fps continuous shooting at full 14.2MP resolution with exposure fixed at first frame. This is made possible by a Translucent Mirror that always stays in place.
Astonishing HD Video Capture:
Experience a revolutionary breakthrough in video capture when shooting fast-moving subjects. These cameras comes with precision of Phase Detection auto focus (AF) for HD Movies. Translucent Mirror Technology not only enables full-time phase-detection AF for photos, it also delivers same speed and precision for Full HD movies.
Advanced Still Shooting Features:
Expand your creativity with advanced imaging features including built-in Auto HDR, which captures more scene contrast by combining the best highlight detail from one shot and the best shadow detail into one unbelievable shot. Map your journey via an integrated GPS receiver, or use 3D Sweep Panorama Mode to automatically capture expansive landscapes.
Price of Sony α33 DSLR starts from $649.99 and α55 starts from $749.99. To order now, visit Sony store by browsing

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