Samsung Mythic A897 : A multimedia phone for maximum entertainment!

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Samsung Mythic A879 phone is promoted with AT&T Mobile TV that allows one to enjoy its wonderful features like high speed data connection via 3G mobile broadband. With Mythic phone, one can easily update his status at social networking by its multimedia accent. Its 3.3 inch wide screen, allow one to easily drop any widgets on phone's home screen that is favored as best.

Samsung phone offers 6 modes for shooting and scene preset is also available. Quality of photo is very fine and promising. Pictures are great in color, looks lively and sharp. All this feature together with video recording makes it like a camcorder.  

Samsung Mythic a897 Black: Samsung Mythic a897 for AT&T is a multimedia phone built for maximum entertainment. Brilliant 3.3" touch screen is perfect for streaming AT&T Mobile TV anywhere or video conferencing with AT&T Video Share. Virtual QWERTY keyboard and widget tool bar to quickly access your email, favorite social networking sites and instant messenger chat services. And with a 3.2 megapixel camera/ camcorder and support for picture and video messaging, there are even more ways to share with friends. Take Samsung Mythic anywhere with international compatibility, and always find your way home again thanks to GPS, which supports AT&T Navigation. Mythic will make you a legend among your friends and family.
Samsung Mythic a897 BlackSo, enjoy using this multi-functioning phone and make your imagination come true by getting this wonderful gadget just by a single click.

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