Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for Sports Lovers

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Ralph Lauren has launched a new line of men's fragrances named Big Pony collection. This collection is inspired by designer's Big Pony shirts embroidered with an oversize version of Ralph Lauren's signature polo-player logo. Collection features four fragrance representing four key passions Sport, Seduction, Adventure and Style. The number four has additional significance, as it is the number of players in a polo team. These new fragrances mainly target young men between age 18-30 years and of course Polo lovers. The collection empowers a new generation of men to get into the game and play by their own rules.  
This collection is now available at Ralph Lauren store. Check out these aroma tic fragrances:

RL Orange: Part of iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, RL Orange energizes the senses with layers of mandarin and kyarawood.

  RL OrangeRL Red: Part of iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, RL Red blends dark chocolate and musk for a spicy seductive scent.

RL RedRL Green: Part of iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, RL Green is an adventurous scent for the outdoorsman, featuring hints of fresh mint and ginger.

RL GreenRL Blue: Part of iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, RL Blue is an invigorating mix of lime and grapefruit for a fresh sporty scent.

RL Blue
These sleek, translucent and modernized bottles of Big Pony Collection are infused with rich color tints contrasting alternate splashes of color in their oversized Polo Player icons and individual numbers assigned according to scent and personality. They also make great gifts for your boyfriend or brother. So, visit Ralph Lauren store and take your pick from the four. All four are available for a price of $50.00.

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