Perfume Bottle: Functional as well as decor item

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These days perfumes are one of the top fashion accessories among men and women both. Some people love wearing perfume and some love to collect perfume bottles. Now a days, there are so many beautiful perfume bottles available in market that they make a good start for some one who enjoys creating collections. Collecting perfume bottles not only creates a lovely looking display, but a worth collection as well. Some collection enthusiasts collect perfume bottles in an effort to represent different time periods throughout history by collecting antique bottles. While others collect modern, artistic bottles for decorative purposes.

Perfume bottles are created very artistically. There are art glass bottles created by blowing designs from glass in styles ranging from art deco to antique cameo glass and atomizers that use atomizer bulbs to deliver a spray of scent. There are crystal clear and antique bottles too and experience change in designs according to fashion and trend. Beautifully crafted perfume bottles have delighted people from generations and will continue to do by encapsulating their favorite scents and setting the tone for fragrance to which it is home. Along with their functional use, these beautiful perfume bottles delight perfume enthusiasts and collectors alike while adding an interesting decor to home.

Single Swirl Perfume Bottle:
Pure romance. A blown glass bottle clad in a stunning cape of sandblasted glass.

Single Swirl Perfume Bottle
Autumn Perfume Bottle:
A three colored transparent bubble is blown and clear glass is gathered over it. The cooled ball is cut and polished using 6 separate grinding and polishing steps finishing with an optical polish. The stopper is individually ground to fit and mimics the colors found in the body of the bottle.

Autumn Perfume Bottle
Whimsy Perfume Bottle:
The perfume bottle is created with a soft lavender glass with multi-colored decoration. Red flower on bed of crushed glass is used for the stopper.

Whimsy Perfume Bottle
Scribble Scent Bottle:
A blown glass perfume bottle with a carved pattern on the surface.

Perfume bottles are considered by many as a work of art, thus perfume bottle collection can be a great way to get into collecting items which are small and useful. Whether you go for art glass, antique, silver or crystal perfume bottle it'll definitely prove to be a wonderful decor item. To shop holiday themed perfume bottles or any type of art glass bottles Artful Home is the best place. While placing an order from this store you can save additional bucks with Artful Home coupon, available at

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