Opal Jewelry: Best Gift for October born fashionistas

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These days, Birthstone jewelry is a hot craze among women. Wearing jewelry with corresponding birthstone is not only a trend but has certain emotions attached to it. In particular, opal jewelry has its own advantages. Opal is birthstone for October born as well as for people having zodiac sign Libra. It is also a perfect gemstone given to commemorate 14th and 18th wedding anniversary. Word opal has been derived from Latin word “opalus” and Sanskrit word “upala” meaning precious stone. As it is birthstone for October, Opal jewelry makes an ideal gift for women born in this month.

Not only for October born, Opal jewelry makes a perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe. It is perhaps the most familiar gemstone because of its play-of-color. Opal is available in variety of colors like red, yellow, green, orange, blue, indigo, etc. It is also found in transparent, white and black variety. Multi colored opal flashes rainbow like colors when viewed in different angles. So, how about holding a rainbow in hand and seeing its brilliant facets in truest of colors. Don opal jewelry and see its richness of colors. Opals are beautifully set in all sorts of jewelry items be it rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants.

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Asher Opal & Diamond Ring: Opal has a very distinct look that separates it from any other gemstone, and there's simply no better way to showcase beauty of opal than with a gorgeous opal ring. This ring from Asher Collection feeds the inlaid Australian opal, accented with sparkling diamonds (.22 ctw) and topped off by a tanzanite (2.00 ctw) into the forefront of fashion.

Asher Opal & Diamond Ring
Asher Opal & Tanzanite Earrings: From the Asher Collection, Australian opal inlaid in 14k yellow gold with charming tanzanite's at its center (.66 ctw), producing these truly unique earrings.

Asher Opal & Tanzanite Earrings
Asher Opal & Diamond Bangle: Opal bangles add a hint of mysterious to your accessories and look great with just about anything. Asher Collection at it's finest, 14k yellow gold inlaid with Australian opal swooped together and adjoined by diamonds.

Asher Opal & Diamond Bangle
Asher Opal,Tanzanite & Diamond Slide Pendant: From fire opal to color shifting traditional opal, nothing brings out true beauty of this extraordinary gemstone like a pendant setting. From the Asher Collection, a stunning tanzanite (1.90 ctw) topped off by a column of diamonds (.07 ctw) set into 14k yellow gold inlaid with Australian opal. This Opal pendant will definitely add some life to any accessory collection.

Give a touch of elegance to any wardrobe with this modern October birthstone. Add it in your jewelry collection or buy it as a gift for some loved one. To buy opal jewelry or any birthstone jewelry head towards Diamonds International store. Store is full of beautiful gemstone jewelry as well as designer collections and bridal jewelry. Be savvy while shopping from this store with Diamonds International coupon, available at DealRocker.com.

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