Let your Kid build and play with Construction Toys

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When we talk about toys for children, Construction toys are one of the most basic educational toys to be provided to them. Now, one might wonder what are construction toys? Any toy that recreates process of building and manufacturing can be classified as construction toy. When any one looks at young child, perhaps the first thing that comes to his/her mind are soft plush toys. While plush toys are comforting, building toys helps a child develop considerably faster. So, construction toys are must to be included in kid's toy collection.

Construction toys act as great learning aid for kids. Benefits of construction toys are endless. They stimulate child's mental and motor skills encouraging problem solving and imaginative thinking. They also help in developing basic maths and physics as construction toys includes blocks and these block sets are all about size, shape, color and balance. In short, construction toys are a great way to keep children occupied for hours with educational benefits.  

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Corrugated Blocks 84-Piece Set: This 84-piece Corrugated Blocks set from Edushape features lightweight, extra-sturdy bricks that are ideal for your young architect.

Corrugated building BlocksLEGO Toy Story 3 Great Train Chase: Woody, Buzz and Jessie are trying to save the rest of the Toy Story gang stuck on the runaway train that's controlled by the mean Mr. Potatohead. Good thing that Buzz has his wings so he can fly to rescue. Set includes Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear DUPLO figures, train engine with caboose and cactus. LEGO Toy Story 3 Great Train ChaseMega Bloks Dora Explorer Playground Adventures: Explore with Dora and celebrate her 10 years of being on T.V. with Dora Playground Adventure buildable playset. This playground adventure playset allows fans to recreate their favorite T.V. scenes or create their own. With so many interchangeable pieces, your playground can have all kinds of different swing sets, slides, sandboxes and jungle gyms every time you play. Dig in sandbox for buried treasure, search your jungle gym for explorer stars or reach for the sun on swings. Mega Blocks construction toysUnit Blocks 86 Piece Set:These European quality unit blocks are made to resist dents and dings. You'll notice the difference. These blocks are finely sanded and rounded to eliminate any sharp edges, and are splinter-free to protect tender young hands. Unit building Blocks 
So, when you are looking for toys that challenge your child as well as enhance his or her manual dexterity, then look no further than Construction toys. And the best place to shop toys for kids is Toys R Us store. It is one of the biggest toys retailers in world that provides all type of toys and is thus one stop place for all kids' needs. So shop from this store and don't forget to make use of Toys R Us promotional code, available at DealRocker.com for great discounts and offers on online deals.

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