iPod Dock : A multi-faceted device that add value to your iPod

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iPod dock music system is a great way to listen favorite music and supports multiple function in one device. It can turn your iPod into a most flexible, friendly and functional companion. By connecting iPod with a ipod dock, one can broadcast music outside of headphones.

An iPod Dock is a multi-functional instrument that provides some interesting feature:

1. Connect it to your PC and easily sync MP3 files using iTunes.

2. Store your music/video collection in iPod, rather than having to use a DVD/CD player.

3. See video more conveniently with your friends on a big screen, rather cramming round a small sized iPod!

It is a must have accessory to go with your iPod, especially if you are a constant or frequent user. It not only charge your iPod, but also allow listener to enjoy their music without interruption. Docking station also keeps iPod secure and safe, avoiding chance of damage, if it were simply left on a table or on a chair.

Sanyo DMP-692 Dual Dock Music System: Discover ultimate in high quality sound and attractive styling for your iPod and iPhone. Sanyo DMP-692 dual dock music system delivers rich sound through an advanced, tuned, acoustical system that will surely maximize your entertainment experience. Its dual dock design provides true convenience for handling multiple devices at the same time, perfect for your home or office.

Charge and Play your iPhone and iPod
Dual docking ports on DMP-692 allow you to simultaneously charge an iPod and iPhone or two iPods at same time. Multiple iPod or iPhone devices can be recharge through it.

AM/FM Digital Stereo Tuner
It offers a programmable alarm clock with dual alarms. This clock allows you to wake up to music from your iPod, radio or from the buzzer. A convenient sleep and snooze modes. Sanyo DMP-692 Dual Dock Music System Full Frequency Performance
High performance speakers assure great sound. Integrated, rear-mounted, passive sub woofer provides additional bass response from system.

Convenient, Easy to Use Controls 
It includes a full 20-function remote control for controlling iPod, AM/FM radio stations and presets, EQ controls for dramatically enhancing low-end frequencies. Blue-illuminated touch sensitive controls allow you to adjust system controls and levels simply with touch of your finger.

Always remember, that while purchasing an iPod docking station, it is important to carefully read what size and type of iPod it can handle. So, get this wonderful device from online store Buy.com and enjoy your shopping by getting good discounts.

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