GNC Longevity Factors: Breakthrough in the Science of Aging

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GNC together with Dr. Maroon has developed breakthrough Longevity Factors line of products that work to support healthy aging. These are advanced products with high quality ingredients and powerful polyphenols that work to support endurance, agility and memory. GNC has created these aging products while keeping 5 factors in mind. Five factors that influence health and longevity are nutrition, genes, exercise, environment and stress. Taking proper amount of food, doing regular workout, avoiding environmental toxins and stress reduction helps in improving health. Thus, except for the genes you inherit, you have power over 4 factors.

GNC Longevity Factors line of products

GNC Longevity Factors line of products focus on the fact that one should not only live longer but live healthier. GNC product line contains product for eye health, healthy aging, strength & agility, memory, energy and heart health.

GNC Longevity Factors Healthy Aging Program: Longevity Factors Healthy Aging Program has 4 components designed to support healthy aging- Advanced 50 pus Mulit vitamin, Triple Strength Fish Oil, Memory Formula and Resveratrol.

GNC Longevity Factors Heart Health: This product helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure combining key ingredients to support heart health. Ingredients are Phytosterols, MegaNatural -BP, Coenzyme Q-10.

GNC Longevity Factors Memory Formula: With aging there is a decline in memory retention also. This memory formula features a unique blend of herbs to help prevent breakdown of key neurotransmitters in brain as well as premium omega-3 fatty acids.

GNC Longevity Factors Eye Health: This eye health formula supports healthy vision by providing powerful antioxidants, bilberry and DHA.

GNC Longevity Factors Energy Enhancer: Don't let tiredness get in your way. With age, both metabolism and energy levels begin to decline. The ingredients in this formula will assist your body in enhancing energy levels. It is a caffeine free formula to help invigorate your body.

GNC Longevity Factors Cellular Antioxidant Defense: Body's ability to fight and neutralize free radicals decreases with age, which can increase risk for DNA, cell and tissue damage. Longevity Factors Cellular Antioxidant Defense provides extra antioxidant support in form of polyphenols, resveratrol and vitamin D-3.

GNC Longevity Factors Strength and Agility: Muscle, strength and agility all begin to decline with age, so staying active is more of a challenge. GNC Longevity Factors Strength & Agility is a high-protein balanced nutritional shake designed specifically to provide extra support for lean muscle and strength.

These products are complete package for healthy aging. So, buy these products from There is an exciting offer right now at GNC. If you buy any item from GNC Longevity Factors line you get one 50% Off of the Strength and Agility Nutrition Shake. So, browse today and live well with GNC.

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