Gardenia Plants: Lasting gift of Blooming Beauty and Sweet Fragrance

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Gardenia is a popular shrub in southern parts of United States. It is a genus of about 250 species of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa. Gardenia plants are prized for strong sweet scent of their flowers and thus have become a gardening symbol.  
Gardenia plants add a fragrant and beautiful element to yard, either in garden or in containers as a potted gardenia display. A display of potted gardenias on a deck or patio is an attractive and best use of the flower and will allow soil and sun exposure to be adjusted based on plants' needs. You can also put gardenia plant near a window to enjoy the flower's fragrance. Generally, Gardenias grow into round shape with dark green, glossy leaves and white fragrant flowers that bloom from mid-spring into summer. Thus they make an ideal long lasting gift for any occasion.  
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Sweet Summer Gardenia Plant: Fragrant, Romantic and Exotic Gardenia plant. Originally from the tropics, gardenia is admired for its creamy white blooms, distinctive glossy leaves and unique perfume. This lush plant arrives in a stylish lavender tin planter beautifully beaded with faux pearls.

  Summer Gardenia PlantGardenia in a Basket: This Stunning gardenia plant is overflowing with lush green foliage. Make your loved ones day fragrant and fabulous with this breathtaking gardenia plant set in charming handled wooden basket.
Gardenia in a BasketGardenia Floor Plant: Send fresh, fragrant scent of gardenias to any home or office with this striking floor plant jam-packed with gardenia flowers. Presented in an attractive embossed brown aluminum planter with an antique leathered look, it's a fabulous accent to any decor and makes a great housewarming gift.
Gardenia Floor PlantGrand Gardenia: Give a lasting gift of blooming beauty and sweet fragrance with this gardenia plant. White gardenia arrives in bud form ready to bloom into full beauty. It makes an elegant gift that says what's in your heart and on your mind for any occasion.

  Grand GardeniaGive a lasting gift of blooming beauty and sweet fragrance with abundant gardenia plants from 1800 Flowers. Browse and send the beauty of Gardenia plants to your loved ones in short time. Make use of 1800Flowers promotion code, available at to save additional bucks.

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