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A beautiful small fish with brilliant colors and long tail make marvelous fish in an aquarium set-up or just in a regular fish bowl. Fish bowl containers are perfect for more than just providing a home for your pet fish! Fish bowls can be combined into many decorations. These versatile containers can be used to create a perfect displays for any occasion.

 Betta Art Decorative Fish Bowl: Ornamental design transforms the classic fish bowl into a decorative piece of living artwork. Unique combination of a graceful art statuary and an aquatic gem under glass adds instant appeal to any room decor. A perfect living space for Bettas. Decorative bowl top ring, natural river rock pebbles. Original price of this bowl is $34.99, but get it for only $26.99
at Pet Smart.
Betta Treasures Collection Blue Lagoon Betta Bowl in Off-White: Blue lagoon betta bowl will show off your betta has he moves to an exotic destination where white sand beaches meet pristine turquoise waters. Featuring a glass orb poised atop a diverse cluster of delicate branching corals, let the blue lagoon model transport you to an undersea coral haven. Comes complete with a crystal clear, beveled glass sphere and a battery operated brilliant LED lighting system, with optional A/C adapter and sparkling "jewel" substrate. Original price of this bowl is $79.99, but you can save up to 38% and get this for $49.99 at Petco.
Betta Treasures Collection Enchanted Evening Betta Bowl in Brass: Enchanted evening Betta bowl will guide your Betta has he takes a whimsical undersea carriage ride filled with magic. With reigns gripped in his claws, a distinguished crab proudly adorns a top hat while two delicate seahorses gently guiding the way. Intricate wheels depict nautilus shells, while open clam shell carriage elegantly embraces your Betta bowl for a comfortable ride. Its original price is $79.99, but get it for $49.99 by saving up to 38%.

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