Elegant and antique tea set for a sweet memory

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All love to drink tea, as it is an exotic drink to refresh the mind and body after a hectic day work. It also makes you feel relax and gather a bit of energy to regain your spirit. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water and it is known as a detoxify poison. One can use a ceramic teapot for this wonderful drink that will also be charming addition to any kitchen.

Appearance of a ceramic teapot is simple but actual work into the design can elaborate decoration truly. Tea pots that are used for serving tea, on one hand makes one feel more refreshing and on the other hand captures flavor of brew for a much longer time.  

Celadon ceramic tea set, 'Elephants Out of the Trunk': Tea set with its pot and four small cups shaped into endearing elephants. Ceramic pieces are dipped into an alluring shade of celadon green, resulting in a lustrous and consistent glaze. Presented on a plate with a floral border, set makes a welcomed addition to any kitchen decor. Handle is crafted from rattan. Get this elegant set of tea pot at novica.com for $119.95.
Celadon ceramic tea set, 'Elephants Out of the Trunk'Celadon ceramic tea set, 'Mae Ping River': Exploring colors of nature, share this interpretation of the Mai Ping River, evoking blue water and tall green trees in celadon ceramic. Teapot features a rattan and bamboo handle, it is presented with five cups on a matching tray. Selling price of this unique tea set is $124.95.
Celadon ceramic tea set, 'Mae Ping River'Celadon ceramic tea set, 'Peonies': Graceful botan blossom with superb majesty on celadon fields that capture a sublime elegance. Comprising a tea pot with a bamboo handle, four cups and a tray, this set is ideal for sharing herbal tea with lover. Buy this ceramic tea set for $99.95.
Celadon ceramic tea set, 'Peonies'Giving this unique piece of set to your beloved this Valentine's day would be a great idea. While having tea, its fragrance will always remind her about your presence in her life. So, get this unique set of tea pot online and surprise your beloved.

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