Delicious and mouthwatering dessert recipies!!

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Cookies are delicious dessert to eat and can be eaten any time of the day. So, why not try making delicious cookies all by yourself. Books are the best guide that help one to prepare delicious and yummy cookies. They not only help in making tasty dessert, but also provide different ways for decorating them beautifully. So, check out a wide collection of cookies recipe book at Reader's Digest and make your purchase beneficial.

Cookies: You'll never run out of ideas with this amazing cookie bible! From Rum truffles to classic chocolate chip, you'll have over 1,000 cookie recipes from around the world. This mouth-watering collection of homemade delights includes over 500 luscious photos, helpful hints, and step-by-step instructions from handling dough to decorating, frosting, fillings, and more. Bake perfect cookies every time! Selling price of this cookies recipes book is $35.00.
Taste of Home Baking Book: Taste of home baking book is the ideal kitchen companion for anyone who enjoys making and sharing irresistible, fresh-from-the-oven treats! For the first time ever, very best baking secrets from readers of Taste of Home magazine have been collected and specially selected to given you 725+ RECIPES AND VARIATIONS. Get this delicious baking book for $29.95.

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