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With guidance of recipe books, one can cook mouth-watering dishes with comfort. These books contain information on cooking and give recipes of various flavor. Besides recipes, it also include other information on ingredient origin, freshness, quality and selection. With the help of a cook book, one can make delicious soups and salads to unique sauces, different kinds of rice and roti to mouthwatering desserts. The easy to cook dishes save energy and cooking time without compromising on taste.

Fast Fixes with Mixes: This unique book contains 355 delicious recipes from cooks across North America - including plenty of ''comfort food'' ideas. Get taste of real home-cooked meals by simply adding spices and fresh ingredients to ready-made store-bought mixes. Selling price of this book is $15.95.
Complete Guide to Country Cooking: This book is chock-full of guaranteed delicious, family-favorite recipes from country cooks coast to coast, and from test kitchen of most popular food magazine in North America, Taste of Home. More than 500 recipes are featured, complete with helpful preparation, serving, buying, or storage tips and many with step-by- step photographs of cooking techniques. Beginning with basics, this guide contains recommendations for stocking your kitchen, measuring and chopping techniques, best replacements for well-worn kitchen tools, and much more. Original price of this book is $29.95, but get it for $24.95 at Reader's Digest.
Taste of Home Cookbook: This new edition of best-selling cookbook, revised after just two years, contains all exceptional features from original edition plus 400 new recipes and an added feature lifestyle recipes. Selling price of this cook book is $29.95 with Free Shipping.
Grandma's Favorites: In this treasury from Taste of Home magazine, cooks from across country share 357 classic recipes. Fourteen chapters give you home-style foods from hearty breakfasts to tasty desserts. Many of recipes have beautiful full-color photos of prepared dish and many have heartwarming memories from people who fondly recall spending time in kitchen with Grandma while she cooked. Original price of this book is $24.95. But you can get it for $15.49.

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