Citrine Jewelry: Perfect Birthstone jewlery gift for November born

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Birthstone jewelry is tremendously popular among women. This type of jewelry is classic, always looks good and remains in fashion. As it's November now, so let's talk about the birthstone for November that is Citrine. Citrine is a semi-precious gemstone that derives its name from French word "citron" that means lemon. It is most often found in deep, translucent golden, brown, orange and yellow shades. Citrine is a blessed gemstone for November born and an accepted gem for 13th and 17th wedding anniversary.

Citrine jewelry is a great gift idea, not only for people born in the month of November, but for anyone who shares a special bond with someone. The yellow birthstone is often associated with hope, loyalty, and strength and is believed to help strengthen all kinds of special relationships. For this reason, citrine jewelry makes for very thoughtful gifts and symbols of valuable relationships.

This yellow colored gemstone gives a feeling of happiness. Its bright sparkling feature makes it ideal for wearing on any occasion and makes any outfit look exceptional. Citrine jewelry makes a perfect gift for November born and why just only for people born in November, Citrine jewelry makes an ideal gift for anyone who shares a special bond with someone. As this golden gemstone is often associated with strength and loyalty, so it is believed to help strengthen relationships. For this reason, citrine jewelry makes a thoughtful gift and symbol of valuable relationships.

Citrine and Diamond Engagement Ring:
A timeless piece like this sleek Bezel-set Citrine ring is perfect to mark an everlasting commitment of love and loyalty. Set in precious 14 karat gold with brilliant diamond embellishments on both sides. The center stone can be personalized with various gem color options.

Citrine and Diamond Engagement Ring
Citrine Pendant with Diamond:
The lady in your life will love to wear this dainty pendant. Four heart-shaped Citrine gems are petals to a sweet bloom in 14 karat gold. Fine, high quality diamond is dazzling in the center.

Citrine Pendant
Citrine Gemstone Bracelet:
Get your money's worth with this classic bracelet! Handcrafted to perfection with a patented design, assures you of durability and enjoyment over and again. A versatile piece that can be worn with almost everything in your closet anytime, day or night.

Citrine Gemstone Bracelet
Citrine Gemstone Earrings:
Can't decide what to go with your outfit? This timelessly designed heart shaped Citrine earrings are chic and perfect with anything inside your closet.

Citrine Gemstone Earrings
Among Citrine jewelery, Citrine rings are more popular and has gained popularity even as engagement rings or promise rings. Engagement ring set with Citrine gemstone is the best way to proclaim unconditional love and fidelity for one's future bride and strengthens the relationship. So, if you're planning to buy engagement ring or gift for someone born in November, then go for Citrnie jewelry.
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