Cat scratching posts ~ An enjoyable feline activity

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Scratching posts provides your cats with enjoyable scratching and climbing activities. By buying cat scratching posts, your cats will be happy and they will stay away from furniture, scratching and climbing on the posts. Cat scratching posts are a noted alternative to having your cat claw up your furniture. As scratching and climbing are part of essentia of being a cat. It helps keep his muscles toned and healthy and takes care of his claws. These are design to maximize your cat’s scratching pleasure by providing an appealing target for exercise, territorial marking and a playful warm-up.

Deluxe Sisal Scratching Post by Miller's Cats: Ultimate post for cats who just love to scratch. Thick sisal is wrapped tightly around a real Douglas fir log for long-lasting use. It's a Douglas fir post, wrapped in sisal and attached to a sturdy, carpeted base. World pet's carpet is made entirely from recycled materials so it is "Earth Friendly" as well as being stain and fade resistant. If your cat is hesitant to use it at first, rub some catnip on it to get him interested. Get this scratching post at Pet Smart for only $29.99.
Petlinks System Dream Curl Curved Scratcher: Smarter than average floor scratcher, Dream Curl is made of both carpet and sisal surfaces in a unique S-shape for your kitty's scratching pleasure. Your cat will appreciate variety of scratching surfaces and you'll love how it compliments your home's décor. With places climb, scratch, curl up and hide this scratcher will pique you cat's curiosity time and time again. Plus, a suspended toy adds to the appeal. Selling price of this scratcher is $29.99.

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