Candle Holder: Perfect accessory for Home Decor

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Candles are beautiful, relaxing and instantly light up any room setting mood for romance. Candles make a perfect decor accessory for those who are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to add that extra something to their home decor. Although, candles act as a decorative tool but candles without a candle holder looks incomplete and useless. Candle holders are meant for holding candles and add decorative touch to any room. They not only add beauty to room but can also be used as table centerpiece when not in use. Candle holders combine light with beauty and add a touch of warmth to any room.

Today, candle holders are available in vast variety of designs, shapes and materials. Candle holders come in many imaginable shapes, including butterflies, bejeweled beveled glass holders, and seascape holders. There are tealight candle holders, votive candle holders, pillar candle holders, glass candle holders and most interesting wall candle holders. Wall candle holders let you liven up any room's wall. They make a very good choice for filling up an empty space on wall as well as light up the room.
Let's check out some best picks from West Elm store:

Chunky Glass Candle Holder: Chunky glass candle holders set a romantic mood grouped on a table, lining a mantel, along a windowsill… or any place you want to create a warm, festive glow. Coordinates best with tealights and votive candles.



Chunky Glass Candle Holder

Wood Candle Trays: Set the stage for your favorite candles with these wooden trays. These will not only act as candle holder but will help in enhancing home decor as well.



Wood Candle Trays

Leaf Cluster Sconce: This is a modern way to bring nature indoors. Autumnal illumination. Dimensional leaves add rich, rustic ambiance to candlelight.



Leaf Cluster Sconce

Lattice Wall Candle Holder: Set a very modern mood, indoors or out, with a gridwork of glimmering candlelight. Capable of holding 14 tealight candles, this wall candle holder makes a perfect addition to any wall.



Lattice Wall Candle Holder
Candle holders come in so many shapes, sizes and styles that finding one that fits your room and home decor is not difficult. Candle holders not only enhance beauty of room for everyday but also help in adding a festive touch during occasions. Visit and browse its collection of candles and candle holders. Don't forget to use West Elm coupon, available at to save additional bucks on your order.

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