Art Glass Ornaments: Best Decor Item for every Occasion

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Glass Ornaments are a prominent part of every home decor and celebrations. In fact, a holiday season seems incomplete without them. Glass ornaments are largely used for Christmas decorations and are an important part of it.  Whether you love simple glass spheres, art glass balls, or traditional handmade glass ornaments, you'll surely find some stunning pieces to lift your spirits for each occasion.

Today, glass ornaments come in different shapes and colors. Most latest and beautiful glass ornaments are Art Glass Ornaments. These are true art pieces artistically made to showcase beautiful paintings and designs. These are hand blown art glass ornaments carefully hand blown by creative artists. Usually, art glass ornaments are round shaped but one can easily find oval shaped, cylindrical shaped and other shaped ornaments. When it comes to color of these ornaments there is no end to that, from transparent to pastel and single color to multi color, they are available in different hue of colors. Multi color glass ornaments are best because these co-ordinate very well with all decor themes.

Confetti Dust Rainbow: A rainbow swirl of festive color wraps this blown glass ornament, dusted with flakes of white. Its crystal effect makes it a very eye catching piece.

Confetti Rainbow glass ornament
Cherry cosmo: A candystripe swirl of clear and opaque red glass is contrasted with a thin line of white in blown glass. This glass ornament will beautifully coordinate with your Christmas decor and is also perfect for Valentine party decorations.

Cherry cosmo art glass ornament
Murrini Sphere 2010: A wealth of meticulously created murrini, many capturing image of an animal in miniature, are embedded in crystal blown glass sphere of this exclusive Artful Home ornament. The year "2010" is worked into several murrini.
Murrini Sphere 2010 ornament
Victoriana: Rich iridescent folds cascade over the surface of this blown glass ornament. This multi colored glass ornament will co-ordinate with all home decor themes and party themes.
Victoriana art glass ornament
First Snow: Childhood excitement at winter's first snow is lyrically evoked on a this blown glass sphere. Perfect to use at times when you want very light decorations.
First Snow glass ornament
Celebrate multiple seasons, holidays, sentiments and festivals with these beautiful art glass ornaments as they are small works of art that can be beautifully displayed year round. Explore exquisite glass ornaments from It features 2010 ornament collection including all types of ornaments such as blue, pastel, green, purple, gold, red, white/clear and multi color glass ornaments. Grab these beautiful art pieces and add colors to your celebrations. You can make use of Artful Home coupon, available at to save additional bucks on your order.

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