Apple iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle: Apple's latest iPods

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Apple has made the biggest change in iPod lineup ever with its new iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Apple has launched new iPod Touch with front and rear-facing camera, smaller iPod Nano 6G with multitouch screen, and new iPod Shuffle 4G with buttons and Voiceover.    


Let's get a quick sneak peek:


iPod Touch:

New iPod Touch comes with FaceTime, Retina display, HD video recording and Game center.


Apple iPod Touch
  • FaceTime brings video calling to iPod touch letting you see your friends while calling. So, now don't just say hello, smile.


  • With retina display giving 960 by 640 resolution, everything you see and do on iPod touch looks even more incredible.


  • Buil-in HD video camera lets you capture moments in stunning high definition. It let's you recode, edit and share videos.


  • Game center lets you play more amazing gaming against your friends anywhere in the World.

iPod Touch with 8GB model is priced at $229, 32GB at $299 and 64GB model for $399.


iPod Nano:

The amazing genius with built in FM radio, multi-touch and music. It's offering a smart way to stay fit and everything about new iPod nano is a huge hit.


new Apple iPod Nano
  • Play your favorite hits with taps and swipes. Tap to play anything you want to hear. Swipe Home screen to browse music by songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres, or composers.


  • Something really interesting about iPod nano is that give it a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library.


  • If you’re listening to a song you love and you want to stay in the groove. Just tap Genius. It finds other songs on your iPod nano that go great together and makes a Genius playlist for you.

Amazing new iPod nano starts at just $149 and goes to $179 for 16GB model.

iPod Shuffle:

It is the very best of iPod shuffle with buttons, VoiceOver, and playlists. It's all new, colorful and clip-and-go iPod shuffle.

new Apple iPod Shuffle
  • iPod shuffle isn’t just portable, it’s wearable, too. You can clip it to your shirt, jacket, or anything and listen to songs whether you’re running an errand or running around track.


  • Clickable control pad on front of iPod shuffle gives you an easy way to play music.
  • Press the Voiceover button to hear song title, playlist name of battery status.


  • There's another way to get good mix of music on iPod shuffle. Yes, let Genius do the work. Activate Genius in iTunes on your computer, and it automatically finds songs that sound great together.

iPod Shuffle is available for just $49. Find one that's perfect for you and order it from Apple online store by visiting

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