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Most people purchase gifts that are thoughtful and appreciated, that gift is flowers. They have the ability to bring a smile to a face or brighten a room like a golden ray of sunshine. t is universally acknowledged that flowers make an appropriate gift for almost any occasion. Today's market offers a wide variety of ways to buy flowers depending on your needs, budget, and creativity. 1-800-Flowers is the number one of all flower stores. Check out some handpicked deals from the store~

SHADES OF SILVER AND PINK: The beauty of this fragrant pink rose plant in a silver footed planter is a gift to be treasured! The pink rose plant arrives blooming and beautiful. Planter dimensions are 4.5"H x 5.5"D. Design of planter may vary. Overall measures are approx 8-10"H. The Keepsake silver footed planter features a stylish rippled top edg. It's believed that George Washington, the first President of the United States, was also the country's first rose breeder. This planter can add a spring touch to the decoration. Spring seasonal flowers signal the joy of springtime and the end of winter. The original price of this item at the store is $35.99 but you can save 17% on this deal and get this one for $29.99 plus free shipping.

ROSE W/TINY BUBBLES DUCKY BATH SET: Roses for the longest time have enjoyed the honor of being the most popular flowers in the world. They have been the most popular choice of flowers for the purpose of gifting and decorating. This item is perfect gift to wish new parents bright days ahead. You can make a real splash with parents and little ones with Rose Tiny Bubbles Ducky Bath Set. A plant with yellow roses is highlighted by a ceramic planter. Accompanying the rose plant is a plump, terry washcloth, a nailbrush, a comb and a playful squirt toy ' all in a duck motif ' to make bath time fun. It is Safe for all ages. Surface is washable. Planter measures is 4 inch in diameter and Plant measures is 10 inch in height. You can get this item for $39.99 with free shipping.

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